Can Hypnosis switch off an allergy?

Let’s use the example of eczema to elaborate and explore what I did with it.

This is my first article and my writing is based on my findings alone from a family member living with a lifetime of eczema and how I have helped her. I am in no way suggesting I have a miracle cure for allergies, I am simply sharing how I have helped my daughter, lets call her G and I’m putting it out there that maybe it can help others too.

Let’s start off with the basics:

What causes eczema?

It is thought there are a number of triggers which may include one, some or all of the following:
• Genetics, if your parents have it you are more at risk.
• Environmental triggers that irritate the skin.
• An immune system attack on the body, believing there
is danger.
• Stress.

What are the symptoms of eczema?

Patches of the skin becomes itchy and red at first, this typically progresses to dry, cracked sores that are usually found in places such as the inner elbow, back of knee, hands, wrists, feet, around eyes, neck and throat.

Treatments for eczema.

There are steroid creams to help reduce inflammation and itching, as well as emollients and moisturizers to prevent the skin from drying out, however these only treat the symptoms, there is currently no cure.

G and her allergies.

G has had 23 years of living with this condition, there have been times when it is there, then it completely goes for months and even years at a time, and then it comes back! For everyone, it is different, in G’s case I don’t think it’s genetic, I do believe a pet allergy and stress are her contributing factors.

When G has no eczema, other physical symptoms sometimes appear. I have seen her manifest pain in her back to the point where she couldn’t walk properly, the GP and Physiotherapist could not find any underlying cause, so I treat her with Reiki and the symptoms disappeared. G has also had many years of intermittent IBS symptoms.
When there is IBS there is no eczema and vice versa which leads me to believe her triggers are stress related. Her eczema is also triggered around fury pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits.

How can hypnosis help with an eczema?

The key here is stress reduction, if we reduce the stress on the body or the way we cope with stress the symptoms should reduce naturally. Hypnosis is great for stress management!
The great thing about hypnotherapy is that there are lots of tools in the toolkit, you just need to be a little creative sometimes and have the confidence to have a go.
Analytical hypnosis is great for this, Tim Box uses the analogy of the body as a ship, the conscious mind being the captain and the subconscious mind are the crew. When the crew start sailing the ship rather than the captain, we have problems that need addressing. Tim explains this beautifully in a Ted talk on You Tube here:

In Gs case some of her crew had taken it upon themselves to start attacking other parts of her which of course manifested in eczema.
With this in mind I basically spoke to G’s crew in trance and got them to find new ways of working. We managed to negotiate through a series of metaphors and got all the crew working together in alignment without any need for itchy red dry cracked skin. The crew were happy to oblige and G noticed instantly that the itching was gone.

Now we tried a 2-pronged attack on this – I dealt with the underlying immune response in trance, however that still left us with sore, cracked and inflamed skin that needed to heal.

My lovely friend Debbie Ward recommended Tamanu Balm from the Tropic skin care range to heal the soreness. Within 24 hours we had seen amazing results from the balm. I would highly recommend both Debbie and the balm.

You can find Debbie’s group on Facebook here:

The below pictures shows the eczema (top) and bottom picture after one application of Tamanu balm.

However, for the symptoms to stay away you do need to treat the root of the issue otherwise it will come back.

So far, we are 2 weeks on from the session and G’s skin is healing beautifully with no further flair ups and no itching.

Now, it is possible her stress may manifest in some other way, so I will watch and wait.

The obvious direction to go here is to develop better ways of dealing with stress, which is another topic to write about entirely and something which G is working on.

In fact, as I’ve written my first article, I have already given myself Reiki, Stress management, Anxiety and so many other ideas to write about in the hope that someone else may need a little help.

If you do need help with your own allergies or support with stress management, or any other issue that would benefit from hypnosis please reach out for a no obligation free 30-minute consultation.

All my contact details are on my website or my Facebook page

Much love Jo x

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